Manufacturing and installation of mariculture equipment


Advantages of polyethylene cages

Fish farming cages are known for their operational stability, optimum utilization and ease of use. We make them in two basic forms: round and rectangular.

They are made of high density polyethylene, a durable material that combines both flexibility and strength. These properties are extremely important for extreme conditions that are often present on the surface of water.

Our cages do not contain wooden or iron parts, so they are very suitable for the extremes of seaside or rivers, and are easy to maintain.

Contrary to some beliefs, they do not release harmful chemicals into the water,  nor the marine or river organisms use them as food, which means they are ecologically very acceptable.

We manufacture our cages in two basic forms: round and rectangular. We are only installing inshore cages.

Apart from cages, we offer platforms or pontoons for fish farms and feeders. We want to offer complete package of services and products when it comes to mariculture.

Circular (round) cages

Square (rectangular) cages

Service pontoons for fish farms

Service poles for cages


Cage paths


Baje – posude za ribu

Cage net holders

Buoys for clam farms
Pools for fish and eel farming