Pontoons in mariculture serve as a work space on the farm itself, but can also be used for transportation of various materials such as fish food.

Similar to cages, they are made of HDPE due to its many advantages. They do not require additional maintenance.

They can be equipped with an outboard engine that enables them to be mobile, and thus offer additional functionality at the farm.

We make them based on customer specifications and requirements, without any special limit on the dimensions.


Pontoon boat 12m

Pontoon walkways 4-92m


Pontoons for swimmers


Pontoons for terases

Pontoons for fireworks

Jetski pontoons

Kayak outriggers (stabilizers)

Sailboat pontoons

Pontoons for fishing

Rowing pontoons

Floating restrooms


Pontoons for various purposes


Self-propelled pontoons

“Baunta” – service raft


Service pontoons with cranes

Service pontoons for fish farms

Floating docks